Sunday, December 6, 2009

spring update

well hello again! since last we spoke, i've had auditions, and i am absolutely pleased as punch by my cast of nine - what extraordinary talent. updated production information: the putting on and taking off of make up will now happen within the scenes, instead of during transitions. the set is changing in beautiful ways. faye has done a set of colour renderings. we've found a brand of make up - mehron - that goes on and comes off without water, and will wash out of the costumes. i have a fabulous assistant director, melissa cleary, who may also function as a dance captain of sorts. through generous donations from friends, i've raised enough money to pay my choreographer. AND i have an idea in mind for a splendid final moment. all in all, it's been a productive few months. we have our first read-through on saturday, december 12; we'll start rehearsals in earnest on january 11. i look forward to posts on updated thoughts from the other designers.

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  1. Thanks for guiding us through these past couple of weeks as the design ideas really start to fold into the mix!