Wednesday, September 23, 2009

grant money, well, money in general

hello all. so emily wrote this really kick ass grant. unfortunately, we only got $550, not the $1000 minimum we needed. this means that unless we find an additional $450, i'm down one really kick ass choreographer. does anyone have any ideas on how i can get more money? short of prostitution and selling my eggs, i'm willing to do almost anything! ideas (or donations) welcome.


  1. Well, here's what I say...we ask the department for assistance (this may not reap any benefits, but it is worth asking). Next, we figure out what our show budget is, and try to create room in that budget for a small stipend to help pay for our choreographer.

    Next, we take donations.

    Finally, we talk to the department about hosting some kind of bake sale type event.

    Anybody else have ideas.

  2. it's a no-go with the department, unfortunately.

    a bake sale!!!

  3. Do you have any more money yet? I could donate $20 to a good cause if there were a way, and the support of 20 other people who wanted to do the same!

  4. oh noah, i JUST saw this post. i actually did that, i asked folks for money. and it paid off. thank you for your generous offer. how are you?

  5. Wow, I'm doing really well. I'm glad to know things worked out. I don't know what e-mail address to use for you, and it's a bit weird to have a big comment-conversation, so I'll write you a message on f/B.